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Area Guide for Cocotal Golf & Country Club
Cocotal Golf & Country Club: Harmonious and alluring.
If Cortecito is the playground of the Punta Cana coast, then Cocotal Golf & Country Club is the lounge area. In the resort complex of Sol Melia (Melia Hotels), and neighboring the resort of Barcelo hotels, Cocotal Golf & Country Club stretches inland from the sea, beautiful properties that offer single-family homes and apartments, fringed by the local popular golf course in the area. 
This is where the local hotel management, retirees and lovers of golf really live. While Cortecito grabs the headlines and attracts vacationers, the relative seclusion of Cocotal Golf & Country Club offers welcome relief from the tourist traffic for those that seek it. Large comfortable villas in an exclusive gated community and swathes of nicely laid out apartment complexes characterize its makeup, creating a community that enjoys all the benefits of Punta Cana living without any of the inherent drawbacks that come with residing at the heart of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. For a prospective expat, Cocotal Golf & Country Club has everything you are going to need, and more.
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Living at the Cocotal Golf & Country Club
Palma Real Villas is a residential community built around the Cocotal Golf & Country Club, a 27 hole golf course available to local residents and guests at the Melia Hotels, to which the grounds belong to.
When driving in and around the Cocotal Golf & Country Club, the first thing that strikes you is just how pretty everything is. Well-kept gardens with the inherent grace and charm of Spanish styled homes, and terracotta roof tiles that shimmer beautifully under the perennial blue skies, while the tall palm trees create an idyllic setting that seems torn straight from a post card.
What you'll also notice is just how peaceful Cocotal Golf & Country Club is.  The vibrancy of Bavaro – Punta Cana is a ten-minute walk away but the noise and the crowds rarely venture this far inland.  Even the hotels are situated as close to the coast as possible, leaving the rest of the town free to be enjoyed by the locals and the holiday home owners, of which there are many.  In fact, Cocotal Golf & Country Club has all the ingredients that comprise most people's idea of a 'dream life' in Punta Cana – the spacious apartment with swimming pool; the panoramic golf views; the healthy outdoor lifestyle; the easy transition into a Caribbean way of life without having to relinquish the comforts of home; and the peaceful atmosphere that is ideal for raising a family, or retirement. 
Palma Real Shopping Village is located right across the community, which houses internationally known brands such as the Hard Rock Cafe store, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS, Diesel, Swarovski Crystals, Outback Steak House and many more shops and restaurants.
Owner Benefits
Owners of properties at this popular golf community enjoy guaranteed beach access via the hotel grounds, discounted membership fees to a 27 hole golf course designed by 6 time Spanish Champion golfer Jose "Pepe" Gancedo and large practice facility, on-site club house with a beautiful hotel styled pool and bar that offers well-priced snacks and fast foods.
□ Beach Access via Private Beach Club            â–¡ Discounted golf membership and fees
□ 24 hour  security                                                □ Access to hotel amenities such as gym and pools
□ Discount off Day & Night passes for hotels     □ Various discounts throughout the premises
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Cocotal Golf & Country Club in Punta Cana - Bavaro
Available Real Estate Options
This is one of the most complete 
communities in the area, offering various independently owned residential within this gated community; from fully-maintained townhomes to custom golf homes and villas overlooking the golf course.  
Palma Real Villas offers great opportunities to acquire income-producing rental properties, vacation properties, and retirement heavens. There are home sites for villas and duplex homes (Townhomes) and lots designated for apartment developing.
Current Market Values
It is hard to make a decision based on value when there are no MLS systems in place, in an unregulated industry in the Dominican Republic. These are the current market values of properties at Cocotal Golf and Country Club based on recent appraisals done on our recent sales. You will notice, we have some of the most realistic prices in the area. Pricing depends on location, 
views and qualities.
1 Bedroom Apartments US$ 100,000 to US$160,000’s
2 Bedroom Apartments US$ 150,000 to US$250,000’s
3 Bedroom Apartments US$ 200,000 to US$270,000’s
Duplex/Townhomes (Duplex Villas) US$ 190,000 to US$ 450,000’s
Single family homes (Villas) US$ 550,000 to US$ 900,000's
Homesites for Villas or Duplex Villas US$ 200,000’s

*Prices depend on qualities, furnishings, views & condition of interior and exterior areas.
Available Properties for Sale at the Cocotal Golf & Country Club

21 photos
Punta Cana Condo For Sale | Gema Lodge 45
Cocotal 1 Apartment 75 sq. m."801.94 sq feet)" $80,500 USD
24 photos
Punta Cana Condo For Sale | Gema Lodge 48
Cocotal 1 Apartment 75 sq. m."74.53 m2 (801.94 sq feet) " $95,000 USD
26 photos
Punta Cana Condo for Sale | Palma Cana 2EB
Cocotal 1 Apartment 92 sq. m."92.96 m2 (1000.25 sq. feet)" $95,000 USD
32 photos
Punta Cana Condo For Sale | Gema Lodge 29
Cocotal 1 Apartment 74 sq. m."74.53 m2 (801.94 sq feet)" $95,000 USD
29 photos
Punta Cana Condo For Sale | Golf Suites 7147
Cocotal 2 Apartment 86 sq. m."927.84 sq. ft" $110,000 USD
34 photos
Punta Cana Condo For Sale | Cayenna Lodge 12A
Cocotal 1 Apartment 109 sq. m."1167.78 sq feet" $125,000 USD
34 photos
Punta Cana Condo For Sale | Gema Lodge 44
Cocotal 2 Apartment 110 sq. m."110.43 m2 (1,188.22 sq feet) " $135,000 USD
39 photos
Punta Cana Condo For Sale | Gema Lodge 15 Penthouse
Cocotal 3 Apartment 166 sq. m."1,788.64 sq feet" $159,900 USD
26 photos
Punta Cana Condo for Sale | Eden II No. 11
Cocotal 2 +Maid's room Apartment 110 sq. m."1183 sq feet" $160,000 USD
26 photos
Punta Cana Condo for Sale | Palma Cana 2DA
Cocotal 2 Apartment 112 sq. m."1205.12 sq ft" $165,000 USD
41 photos
Punta Cana Home for Sale | Larimar 195B
Cocotal 2 Townhouse 145 sq. m."1560 sq ft" $175,000 USD
33 photos
Punta Cana Home for Sale | Eden I 52A
Cocotal 2 Townhouse 123 sq. m."1325 sq. ft." $175,000 USD
35 photos
Punta Cana Condo for Sale | Vila Birdie Magnolio A
Cocotal 2 Apartment 123 sq. m."1323 sq ft" $185,000 USD
31 photos
Caribbean Lake 41A(New Construction)
Cocotal 2 Apartment 120 sq. m."1290.12 sq. feet" $210,000 USD
29 photos
Duplex Villa for Sale in Punta Cana | Vila Birdie
Cocotal 3 2 Storey 238 sq. m."238 m2 (2560.88 sq ft)" $210,000 USD
36 photos
Punta Cana Condo for Sale | Vila Birdie Tamarindo B (Xtra Large)
Cocotal 2 +small office area Apartment 188 sq. m."2027 square feet" $249,900 USD
13 photos
Punta Cana Villa for Sale | Villa 465
Cocotal 4 w/ en-Suite Baths SINGLESTOR 500 sq. m."5,380 sq feet" $450,000 USD
30 photos
Punta Cana Villa For Sale | Villa 160
Cocotal 4 Single Story 460 sq. m."4949.6 sq. feet" $625,000 USD