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Healthcare in Punta Cana
All the natural beauty and sun-filled luxury of life in Punta Cana means nothing if you are unlucky enough to be ill while on vacation. Luckily, there are excellent medical facilities in the region, ensuring that you get back on your feet and back to the beach as fast and as comfortable as possible. 
Healthcare in the Dominican Republic is marked by quality medical treatment in modern facilities, low waiting times and exceptional service, consultations, referrals and treatments.
Here is a list of local Punta Cana medical facilities:
This private hospital in Punta Cana has English-, Russian-, French- and German-speaking doctors and a 24-hour emergency room. Among its many medical specialities are Neurosurgery, Dermatology and Pediatrics. The hospital is located on the road to Punta Cana, 500m from the turn to Bávaro.
Another private hospital in Bávaro featuring multilingual staff, 24-hour emergency room and in-house pharmacy. Areas of Diagnostic Study include Mammography, Tomography and Stress Tests.
Opening soon in Punta Cana is Hospitals International Holdings (HIH)’s new facility. Punta Cana Health Centre will feature a Cardiovascular Center of Excellence that facilitates training, research and the development of therapeutic treatments in cardiovascular biology and medicine. Planned features of the new facility include a VIP concierge, an executive health and fitness centre, and luxury private patient rooms.
Medical Insurance
If you are an ex-pat in the Dominican Republic, it is essential that you have adequate medical coverage. We recommend ARS Palic Salud, which offers a wide range of individual and family insurance plans. If speaking Spanish is an obstacle, April International offer policies tailored specifically to expats living in the Dominican Republic.