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House Hunters International in Punta Cana in the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, features Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate helping a couple as they set out to expand their business and live in a different country.
House Hunters International follows the newly engaged pair from Aruba to Punta Cana. Cory St. Clair from Indiana and his fiancé Karen-Ann Peterson a native and former Miss Aruba, embark on a journey to find their new home in the Caribbean.  The fun begins when the couple pulls out of The Gold Coast Residence in Aruba and visit some of their favorite places such as The Screaming Eagle Restaurant, Paseo de Herencia shopping mall and have a memorable photo shoot with one of Aruba’s well-known photographer Ms. Julia Renfro on Eagle Beach.
In Punta Cana the true House Hunting begins as the couple gets introduced to their Punta Cana Real Estate options by their realtor Ms. Jocelyn Hernandez from Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate.  The audience gets an insight to what Punta Cana has to offer, and a special guest appearance by Golf Course Designer Mr. PB Dye himself working on the latest golf course project with Cory.
Jocelyn Hernandez on teh beach in Punta Cana filming House Hunters InternationalKaren Anne Petterson and Cory St. Clair at House Hunters International 
So, if you want to take a virtual trip to the Caribbean’s top destinations make sure you check out Episode HHINT-3508H- "Choosing Between Sand Traps and Sandy Beaches as a Young Couple Plans a Wedding"
Which one will they choose? Tune to HGTV to find out.
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Executive Producers : James Burstall
Nick Rigg
Julian Locke
John Bortholon

Narrator : Andromeda Dunker
Producer/Director : Gregory Carroll
Casting Producer : Michelle James

Production Supervisor : Olivia Clackett
Line Producer : Rebecca Ehrhardt
Production Manager : Jennifer Wilkins

Production Coordinator : Matthew Maguire
Production Secretaries : Kelliane Jones
Andrew Benedict

Director of Photography : Rory McLees
Sound Mixer : Frank Intorcia
Production Assistant : Florian Koetter
Juergen Hoppe

Head of Post Production : Ilene Merenstein
Post Supervisor : Honor Maxfield
Post Coordinator : Will Mavronicolas
Post Production Assistant : Allison Moser
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Supervising Post Producer : Erin Johnson
Post Producer : Ki Whelan
Editor : Chaz Shukat
Senior Assistant Editor : Kevin Quellette

Assistant Editors : Karina Ghirdan, Pat McGowan,Chris DeVito, Don Bruce,
Rainer Lokken, Josh Szporn, Jake Hall

Online Editor : Stephen Hoppe
Audio Mixer : Chad Roucroft
Graphics : MotiveNYC
Post Production Facilities : MPE NYC / DiNicola Studios

HGTV Director of Programming : Brian Balthazar

Special Thanks : Jocelyn Hernandez Irizarry
at Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate
Sherry Bidgood, Steve Cashore
Julia Renfro, Ed Malone

Chief Operating Officer : Sara Banister
Head of Production : Samantha Burke
Head of Production Finance : Leonidas Oxby
Company Manager : Wandy Hall

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