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Life in Punta Cana
Embrace a new life in the Caribbean! Always top on relocation destinations, our area wins hands down! For new opportunities, new dreams, a new life... whether on your own, as a couple, for family life or as a retirement haven… welcome to this AMAZING community!
"Bienvenido a Punta Cana"... a new beginning!
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Work & Business
Many tens of thousands of us have already relocated to the Dominican Republic from all over North America, Europe and far beyond. We are a testament to the fact that our coastal town presents a world of possibility. There are fantastic opportunities for people from every walk of life to bring their skills and talents to our entire community. Ours is an exciting future. If you are looking for a fresh start, if you are looking for direct employment or to start up a new company, you'll find our support, advice and experience invaluable. After all, it is no surprise we know so much about this topic, when so many of us here at Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate have also made the same choice and change of lifestyle ourselves.
Getting your Dominican Residency
Bank & Currency Exchange in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Living & Leisure
With such a diverse range of nationalities living in Punta Cana and a wide range of amazing lifestyle options, Punta Cana truly lives up to its reputation as of the world's most desired, attractive, and leading residential and holiday home destination. Think about it, 365 days of sunshine a year helps bring a smile to everyone's face. A Caribbean outlook and a zest for fiesta mean a complete change of pace, a whole new way of life. Is your leisure and pleasure time something that you have earned and deserve more of? Are you are longing to live life to the fullest? Then you can find it all in beautiful Punta Cana.
Driver License in Punta Cana
Pets in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Family & Education
From nursery and kindergarten, from high school to University... Punta Cana has a unique range of facilities for international schools, with outstanding reputations for educational excellence. It is the perfect place to bring up a family.
Local Punta Cana Schools
Learning Spanish in the Dominican Republic
Sport & Health
It's often very important for many of our clients to know and understand that Punta Cana has medical care centres with a level of healthcare facilities, treatment options, both private and state-funded. Then when it comes to general activities and sport, look no further than the pages of our site.Take in the images wherever you turn. See everyone enjoying Golf, Water Sports, the Gym, Horse Riding,… the list is endless. There is absolutely something for everyone- is there a healthier and more active place to live? We don't think there is.
Health Care in Punta Cana 
Remember... Only Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate
Blowing our own trumpet? Well forgive us, if maybe we do a little. But we do feel genuinely proud and confident that our service extends way beyond comparison with any other real estate agent, developer or other competitor. Over our 10 years in this market we have always sought to understand and recognise that a great number of our clients require much more than just a property showing. Our client's journey often begins several years or more before final purchase. We support this through our magazine, our website, our updated information and regular mailings. Then finally to your arrival, through our presentation of options, viewing schedule and orientation of the area, we look at every single aspect that might be important. With our highly experienced staff fluent in different languages, and independent professional referrals, plus so much more besides, we think the phrase ONLY PUNTA CANA LIFESTYLE REAL ESTATE is entirely true and fully justified. We always deliver and we won't let you down.
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