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Giving Back to Our Community in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
We are one amazing community. We are artists, writers, realtors, business owners, and professionals of all types. Punta Cana is, of course, a premium tourist destination, but it is so much more. 
Our community support has recently included providing assistance to local community events and support by means of financial donations and/or publicity on our community magazine and social networks. We feel it’s important to improve lives in our local community, that includes helping local entrepreneurs and putting our local expat community on the map. 
Here are some of our community efforts:
Days for Girls Event at Villa Caoba ♦ June 2016
Island Insider and Punta Cana Lifestyles Real Estate is proud of its involvement in the recent Days for Girls event in aid of  girls at Fundacion Lirio del Valle, a local non-profit organization helping the children of Villa Caoba in La Romana.

Mrs. Alicia Zubiri of Days for Girls made a presentation about the work that the organization does and selected girls for the fifty Days for Girls kits to be distributed.

Days for Girls is committed to the aim of ensuring that by 2022 girls and women across the world have access to quality sustainable hygiene and health education. The non-profit organization provides access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene, vital knowledge about health, and opportunities to generate income.

The event was sponsored by Island Insider Magazine, Punta Cana Lifestyles Real Estate and by Jose Vaquer, Director at Presidential Suites by Lifestyle. Here are the photos of the event: