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Since 2004, we have helped set a higher standard for the real estate industry in Punta Cana, and we take pride in the reputation we have earned as one of the most reliable real estate agents in the area. 
At Punta Cana Lifestyles Real Estate we treat our clients with respect and understanding. Phone calls are returned promptly, appointments are kept, fees are fair, service standards are high, and we come prepared to do our best work for you.
Koldo Ucedo at Punta Cana Lifestyle Real EstateKoldo Mirena Ucedo, REALTOR® International
Languages: Spanish, English
Office:         (809) 552-0421 
Born and raised in San Sebastian, Spain, Koldo handles the needs of our clients in the Spanish market. With over ten years’ experience in the banking industry - and a highly competitive background in business and sports - Koldo is perfectly suited to provide clients with the best advice on Real Estate in Punta Cana, helping people relocate to the Dominican Republic, and guiding them through the pitfalls of real estate investment. Koldo’s experience and emphasis on customer service, as well as his dedication to ethics, integrity, and professionalism, make him an ideal advisor for those unfamiliar with Punta Cana’s real estate market.
Before he arrived in the Dominican Republic, Koldo held management positions with JP Morgan Chase in London, and Bankoa Crédit Agricole in Madrid, and earned his MBA in Business Administration. 
A competitive basketball player in Spain, Koldo was a member of San Sebastian’s Askatuak SBT team, and later a co-host of the sports radio show Basketaldia, as well as a journalist for several sports magazines.


Jocelyn Hernandez at Punta Cana Lifestyle Real EstateJocelyn Hernandez Irizarry, REALTOR® International
Owner- Property Sales & Marketing
Languages:   Spanish & English
Office:           (809) 552-0421 
Follow Jocelyn on her social networks and blogs where she posts tips, special deals and shows you her life as a Punta Cana Resident & Real Estate Agent.

Jocelyn Hernandez-Irizarry is a member of REALTOR® International with extensive experience in real estate, marketing, and sales. She lived in New York and Europe prior to establishing herself in the Dominican Republic. This international exposure gives her invaluable people skills for working with a diverse clientele.

She co-founded Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate in 2004, establishing herself as one of the leading agents in the highly competitive Dominican property market, delivering high-quality service to developers, property managers, ex-pats, snowbirds, and locals alike.

Jocelyn works with clients to enhance all property-related marketing, using the latest Internet marketing tools to expose property listings to the widest possible range of qualified buyers.  She is also co-founder and an active contributor to the Island Insider Magazine, an island community publication promoting small business, art and non profits.

Despite Jocelyn's busy schedule, she still finds time to give back to her community, supporting a number of local charitable institutions and community events, and is committed to the idea that doing business in the community means holding yourself to the highest ethical standards.

Jocelyn now splits her time between her homes in Spain, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Member of: National Association of Realtors (NAR), Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist RSPS certification, Certified International Property Specialist CIPS® designation, CREA Global  Affiliates.


Paola Gil Fernandez at Punta Cana Lifestyle Real EstatePaola Gil Fernandez, REALTOR® International
Sales and Rentals
Languages: Spanish, Some English
Cell:          (829) 761-7258
Office:       (809) 552-0421 
Paola is no stranger to change, having arrived in Punta Cana from Argentina in 2002. With a deep appreciation of customer service learned in successful stints as a restaurant and multi-store retail manager, an outgoing personality and excellent people skills, Paola helps her clients through all the steps they need to consider in a real estate transaction. She enjoys applying her knowledge and experience to benefit our clients, whether they are relocating to Punta Cana from abroad, or searching for a rental apartment, or trying to find an ideal commercial space. 

Paola’s career in Real Estate began when her proven success in management and sales led to her recruitment by local realtors in 2007. Since then, Paola has earned a sound reputation as a professional with high ethical standards, which made her the ideal candidate for the Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate team. 



Jose Gonzalez Inmobiliaria Punta Cana
Jose Gonzalez, REALTOR® International
Property Sales & Rentals
Languages:   Spanish 
Office:           (809) 552-0421 

Jose arrived from Asturias in the North of Spain on 2013. Having joined our team on 2016,  his background and experience guarantee the smooth handling of our Spanish speaking clientele. Jose has spent a career in sales, working first at a car import company, and then at a Real Estate Agency in Spain. He finds interacting with people to be rewarding and an integral part of the learning process.  Jose is a believer in helping individuals attain their goals, no matter how big or small.  Having the ability to help individuals lay out a road map to attain their dreams is extremely important to him.


Melissa Perez at Punta Cana Lifestyle Real EstateMelissa Perez, REALTOR® International
Accounting, Admin Assistance
Languages: Spanish & English
Office:         (809) 552-0421
Melissa is the perfect support professional for our Punta Cana Real Estate Agency, having excellent organizational skills and a fine attention to detail. Melissa’s strengths as an individual lie in her exceptional communication skills, ensuring that our business operates smoothly and efficiently. Melissa is responsible for the day-to-day running of administrative tasks: property marketing announcements, online advertising, web updates and other office activities- allowing us to focus on the most important part of the business, which is selling and renting your home! She also assists with the production, review and distribution of monthly property financial statements.
Melissa has worked in several capacities, covering a broad spectrum of customer service related services. She worked for over five years as an administrative assistant for a home contractor in New York City, and eventually obtained her New York State General Contractor License. While in New York, she also worked with the ‘No Child Left Behind’ program, before moving to Florida. She now splits her time between Punta Cana and Florida.


Maider Arizmendi Punta Cana Maider Zumarra
Admin Assistance
Languages: Spanish & English
Office:         (809) 552-0421
Maider is an essential part of our business, helping us to streamline our processes and ultimately reach our business goals. 


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