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When it comes to creating advertising programs for your property, we draw on various mediums to ensure full market penetration. When you list your property with us- we want absolutely everyone to know about it!”
Property Marketing at Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate
Each campaign is customized specifically to your needs and is complemented by quality creative services such as photography, video and copywriting that maximize buyer interest.
Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate will devise an online marketing plan that harnesses the power of the internet; the number one tool for real estate advertising. Exposure of your property on the web is vital and extremely valuable in today’s market. We have developed our very own state-of-the-art, professionally optimized website at which offers:
  • Virtual tours 
  • Updated Buyer’s Guide 
  • Beautiful photos
  • Up to date market information
Dynamic marketing strategies guaranteeing maximum exposure!
Passionate about bringing people together, over the past 10 years we've created and produced our own uniquely branded Punta Cana Property and Lifestyle marketing that's seen on a national and international level. We create and implement outstanding press campaigns both locally and internationally, consistently out-promoting and outperforming our competitors, so we are always on top of our marketing mix. Our marketing activity, promotion and materials are driven by us and produced in-house. 
Importance of Marketing & Collaboration with other Agents
With the current market conditions, we do an extensive amount of advertising for each property as it will appeal to its clients, and will also connect with other agencies, who may be working with qualified buyers currently searching for Resort Properties similar to yours.
With the big picture covered by the internet and the most effective print-based media, the last, and one of the most important, pieces of our marketing plan is targeting Real Estate Agents in our local area, as well as our Network of International Referral Partners, through weekly communications via email or calls.
We maintain a database of potential and qualified Buyers. When a new property is listed, we are very proactive in contacting these individuals to alert them to a listing which may suit their requirements. We maintain our enthusiasm and will keep pushing and promoting your property until a Sale eventuates, always keeping you informed of our progress along the way.
Online Marketing
We believe the most effective marketing tool to get your property out to as many potential buyers as quickly as possible, is via the Internet. We make sure each property is marketed through the correct channels, maximizing exposure and generating interest by the right prospects. The internet provides an opportunity, not only reaching the Punta Cana Travel and Business marketplace directly but audiences worldwide. 
Everyone says our website is the most professional and informative real estate website in the area. Asides from educating our sellers and buyers with important articles and updated industry information, we benefit from exceptional SEO, which continues to deliver one of the highest ranking status. Our internet presence explodes still further with our current expansion into international online property portals. 
Promotion of your property will include the most visited paid subscription real estate websites and have taken care to ensure that each and every property is presented at its very best. There are many other International Real Estate portals available, but some are definitely superior in their exposure and recognition. In order to gain maximum exposure for our properties, we have researched and selected what we believe to be the very best websites available and have chosen to work with the sites which generate the most leads. 
Dominican Today                                                 InDominicana
Dominican Today  
MLS AEI, Local Realtor Association                       Global Property Website
Punta Cana MLS  Global Properties
Proxio Global Network                                     DR1 Real Estate Forums
Proxio Profile Punta Cana real estate forum
Social Network
Our growing active presence in the social media world of Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter where our online community has reached more than 20,000 members combined, is also a proven effective lead generator.  
Social Network advertising in Punta Cana Real Estate
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Our Amazing Video Channels
We don't just upload virtual tour videos of properties to our YouTube channel, we branch out and create other types of content as well. General videos about the real estate industry and life in general in Punta Cana. Check out our YouTube channel here!
Island Insider Magazine
We also market directly to in-town tourists, and local residents, through the use of our own in-house publication of the Island Insider MAGAZINE ( a print and online publication connecting directly to discerning visitors and residents, providing additional exposure.
House Hunters International
We had a fabulous opportunity to appear on a House Hunters International episode produced by HGTV.  See episode here!
Most importantly… we never give up!